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A team of Digital technology professionals, specialized in Business Optimization & Digital Enhancement.

Digital Development & Revenue Optimization


The answer is simple, really!

For our executive team’s over three decades of experience, massive educational accomplishments and customer satisfaction history, among many other reasons.

With three decades of experience since 1993, we have substantial expertise in business engineering, profit enhancement, digital technology and digital marketing. When we started learning about the internet, internet was in its infancy. In fact, many of our clients were not even born yet; were you born before 1993? Just wondering!!


The internet evolved under our watchful eyes, and we participated in its growth as we developed our own sites successfully and developed leads and our experience of the internet grew year after year. As a result, we know this industry well and have been involved in it directly longer than most of our competitors. Very few of our competitors can claim the same, plus, as you know, we are first and foremost a business engineering company which is focused on creating and growing profitable business entities. As such, we understand business extremely well and we know how to build a digital business machine, that is not only a functional, great looking website, but we also do the typical SEO, SMO, Email Marketing, PPC, and every other parallel marketing and promotional marketing techniques available for the business to increase its revenue, while we then work with you to enhance your business operations to streamline it and minimize your overall expenses, resulting in maximum profits. Once that is achieved, of course, it is time for multiplication of the brand that we so effectively have designed and developed together.

Our system is quite novel, thorough, and scientific. Our director, Dr. Daniel Davidson, who holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) plus a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) & a PhD in Marketing is a passionate businessman. So, he has gathered the right team to do the job right! If you are looking for cheap, we are not the right organization. EXCELLENCE and CHEAP just don’t go together well. If you are looking for measurable results, experience, amazing return on investment, substantial growth, and astronomical profit multiplications, then American Elite – TechArt Digital is right up your alley.

The job of American Elite is customization of a business enhancement strategy that is designed to address your particular business’s needs in your particular niche. Customized usually means spending lots of time and effort which means expensive, in terms of initial investment but also most likely means great results. Of course, as an intelligent businessperson, you know what that means!? You know that means, massive return on investment! As the business leader in your organization, you most likely agree that, this intelligent decision is a no-brainer! Now you need to decide! Are you going to spend less money and get little to no return or spend a reasonable, fair amount for what needs to get done right, do it right and get a great return on investment! We are sure you know the correct answer and you will make the right decision.

From Design to Maximum Profits

American Elite, after Assessing Your Business Goals, Will Design and Develop the Perfect Digital Machine to Maximize your Profits & TechArt will Develop and Implement It For Your Business.

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Why American Elite - TechArt?


American Elite – TechArt is a Technology & Business Partner You Can Bank On!
Our Experience Comes from Decades of Flawless Execution of Hundreds of Projects!

Our Digital Services

What Can We Do For Your Business?

We are on a mission to help successful companies extend their tech capabilities.
We help companies become innovation leaders by delivering on-demand software development teams and services to build impeccable digital products.

Digital Marketing

We are here to drive highly targeted traffic to your business by using numerous digital marketing strategies simultanously, all focused on increasing the reach and visibility of your business in social media as well as on the internet.

Web Development

We provide a full range of custom websites development services starting from business analysis, User Inrterface (UI) functionality User Experience (UX) design, front-end and back-end development, QA testing, maintenance and support.

E-Commerce Solutions

Being an e-commerce development company expert, we have extensive experience in building complex and reliable solutions which would be highly-scalable B2C/B2B e-commerce portals for maximum profitability.

Graphics Design

As a reputable custom Graphic Design & Branding Agency, TechArt Digital will create beautiful and engaging designs that help you stand out from the crowd and effectively market your business.

Mobile Development

TechArt Digital among other digital expertise, also specializes in digital mobile application development. We help create creative and user friendly with an attractive front end based on your vision and preferences. We are able to develop mobile applications for any platform you prefer, ios or android.

Game Development

TechArt Digitial also is an expert in developing fun and interactive digital games. We are able to create custom made digital games based on your specific vision and instructions. We specialize in building exciting games for the iOS, Android, Windows, and Web, with powerful technologies, with stimulating game progressions, and rewarding conclusions.

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