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Custom Online Store Development

Today, more people take advantage of the ease of online shopping. Online platforms allow customers to shop anytime, avoid checkout, access worlwide brands and find everything in one place. Sellers also offer discounts, shippings free of cost and a wide range of product variations and price comparisons that attract more customers. Globally, there are approximately 2.05 billion digital buyers. Experts predict this number to grow to 2.14 billion by 2021. As internet users continues to expand globally, a considerable number of eCommerce shops face hard competition and strict industry compliances.

eCommerce marketing is growing at an unprecedented ratio. With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning technologies, online sellers deal with increased demand for better customer experience.


WordPress Woocommerce Store

End-to-end eCommerce development services and solutions using Shopify

Our eCommerce services offer seamless, scalable web solutions for third-party and in-house brands. Blended Systems is an eCommerce development team with a strong track record of building brands and businesses around the world. With a deep understanding of your business, our experienced eCommerce developers will help you create a solution that fits seamlessly into your visitor’s journey. We help brands and retailers develop, launch and grow successful eCommerce stores. Our solutions leverage the power of the product we create to make it easy for users to find exactly what they’re looking for, and then simplify their buying experience. Our team of experts has experience in the latest technologies and best practices. Our eCommerce platform is simple to use, scalable, and easy to manage — so you can focus on growing your business.

Shopify Store Development

Modern and feature packed online web stores

Shopify is a state of the art ecommerce offering advanced customer engagement tools for your online store. At TechArt, we specialize in Shopify Shop Store Development services and digital marketing strategy. Our team of experts hand craft your Shopify store from design through to SEO and marketing strategies, this ensures you have a successful online presence that thrives to reflect your brand name. We provide Shopify Store Development for your online store. Our team will get to know your business, your products and all the activities that go into running a business. We understand that website design is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating an effective multi-channel presence. This can range from managing email campaigns and social media pages, liaising with local suppliers or manufacturing partners, marketing initiatives and more!

Ecommerce Store Development

Customized Ecommerce web stores with compelling UX/UI

Our team of web developers and designers will help design and build your e-commerce store from the ground up. We can create the content for all aspects of your site and develop unique user experiences within the design parameters you set forth. Our UX/UI development team also includes visual artists, marketing experts and our in-house technical team to ensure your store is performing at its best performance level. We offer best-in-class ecommerce solutions, custom website development and design for your brand. APIs and technologies involved in creating an e-commerce stores, with a deep knowlegde of the needs of the e-commerce users, we provide 100% custom made web technology for web stores business and platforms. Our experienced team of developers and designers will work with you to develop a custom solution that reflects your business, brand and target audience. 

Ecommerce Store Development

5 Ways To Increase eCommerce User Engagement

Share valuable content

Sharing knowledge in the form of high-quality content via your online channels comes with great rewards. The people that get the chance to learn from you will certainly come back for more, and what is even better, they will form a community that will share your content to other places and do a part of your marketing for you.

Create fantastic and intuitive navigation

While great content is essential, if your navigation is so complicated that people can’t find their way around it, it won’t do you any good.

Cover all platforms and multiple vendors

Users tend to use a variety of devices to make an action that is important to you (such as to purchase your product) and often switch between them during the entire process. This is why it is absolutely necessary that you cover all available platforms.

Be smart when using CTAs

Every eCommerce website needs great calls to action, as they are the main visual cues that drive your users to do what you want them to do on your pages. You will generally see CTAs such as “Buy Now”, “Click Here”, “Contact Us”, etc.

Use great imagery

People are visual beings, so next to a great website design, you really need top-notch images. Every website needs to have high-quality photos of their products that a user can zoom in on. You can also go deeper than that and use photographs of people using the particular product.

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We are on a mission to help successful companies extend their tech capabilities.
We help companies become innovation leaders by delivering on-demand software development teams and services to build impeccable digital products.

Digital Marketing

We are here to drive highly targeted traffic to your business by using numerous digital marketing strategies simultanously, all focused on increasing the reach and visibility of your business in social media as well as on the internet.

Web Development

We provide a full range of custom websites development services starting from business analysis, User Inrterface (UI) functionality User Experience (UX) design, front-end and back-end development, QA testing, maintenance and support.

E-Commerce Solutions

Being an e-commerce development company expert, we have extensive experience in building complex and reliable solutions which would be highly-scalable B2C/B2B e-commerce portals for maximum profitability.

Graphics Design

As a reputable custom Graphic Design & Branding Agency, TechArt Digital will create beautiful and engaging designs that help you stand out from the crowd and effectively market your business.

Mobile Development

TechArt Digital among other digital expertise, also specializes in digital mobile application development. We help create creative and user friendly with an attractive front end based on your vision and preferences. We are able to develop mobile applications for any platform you prefer, ios or android.

Game Development

TechArt Digitial also is an expert in developing fun and interactive digital games. We are able to create custom made digital games based on your specific vision and instructions. We specialize in building exciting games for the iOS, Android, Windows, and Web, with powerful technologies, with stimulating game progressions, and rewarding conclusions.

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